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Each person makes different mistakes and gets different experiences in his life. However, each of us has one person who changed our lives. My mother is the most important person who always supported me and gave me good advice. She has a job helping out the elderly for Companion & Homemakers. My mother gave me all her love and tried to make our life better. Also, she was always a good friend to me. My mother taught me to be kind and helpful to other people. My mother's suggestions helped me to make good friends and be successful in my life. The most tragic event happened to me when I was five years old. I remember it very well. My mother and I were playing on her bed then I fell off and bust the back of my head. Thank God she saved my life. I was very grateful to her. I was nine years old when I wanted to start back with sports. However, my mother wasn't able to afford my equipment to do so. I was very upset. Later was my birthday. All our family joined to celebrate my happy day. My mother presented the best gift in my life. She gave the me opportunity to start my athletic career. I was very happy. Now I understand that my mother made the big efforts to realize my dream of sports. Then I went to football camp during the summer. One day our camp coaches organized a competition for all children at the camp. They decided to choose one person as the best camp player (mvp). So, the coaches invited some high school coaches to watch us play during the game. My mother came to see the game. I did in my eyes pretty good. My movements were flexible and gave me the possibility to move very easily. I spun, hooked and moved my arms pass defenders. Eventually, my team won the competition. I felt happy. My mother was very proud of me. I graduated from middle school when I was thirteen years old. When I arrived to my first high school class and it just so happen to be physical

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