Influence Of The Internet Essay

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English 100 7 September 2011 Internet vs. Society We all know that having a computer without internet, is without a doubt, useless. Going online at least once a day is nothing out of ordinary. There are thousands of activities online, from social networks and games to news and websites to inform us. Going back in time fifteen years ago, the internet was almost unknown, but nowadays if a person does not know about the internet, we assume they live in a cave. Without noticing, the internet has advanced so fast that it has changed society. In fact, our lives have been changed as a consequence of the internet, in good ways but also in not-so-good ways. With just a click we can navigate on the internet and find millions of websites which are full of information available for us. Some of them are a complete waste of time, but others are created to make us think, learn and share. For instance, Wikipedia which has a huge amount of information and it is usually compared to a real encyclopedia. We can call it “The virtual encyclopedia”. Nowadays, it is completely different to find the information we are looking for, some years ago we had to go to the library and spend hours looking for one answer, today we just have to type the question on Google or Wikipedia and the answer will appear within seconds. Society sees this as an evolution of technology which is something positive. Something that we are still learning about is online classes. Learning in front of a computer seems bizarre because we are used to sitting down in a classroom and listening to the professor. However, online classes can make learning easier for some individuals, but harder for others. The positive side is that people who work full time and do not have enough time to go to a classroom they are able to learn online according to their schedule. The negative side is that some people need interaction
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