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Your Name INF 410 Project Management Professor Allyson Heisey November 27, 2012 Project Management Project management has emerged as a crucial factor that determines the success of an organization. Whether it is a question of facing an economic crisis or generating large turnover, it plays a pivotal role in the growth of a firm (Kundan, P. 2012). Henry Gantt and Henry Fayol were project management main supporters and their work has been shown to be relevant over the years. Henry Gantt is best known for his planning and control techniques, and creating the Gantt chart. The Gantt chart is still used today and is recognized as an important management tool. Henri Fayol is known for his 5-point management theory on project management.…show more content…
Many people tend to believe the defining phase is the most important phase. This is the phase where not only your new project begins, but your objectives, scope, purpose, and the final outcome must also be defined. My personal opinion is the planning cycle is the most important phase, because this stage consists of the important pieces to the project such as budget, resources, risks, and your staffing. The execution stage is where the project is carried out and if changes need to be made, this is the stage to do it. The last phase is closure. This phase may involve three parts, distributing the project product to the customer, redistributing project resources, and post-project review. Project management can be beneficial to an organization in many ways such as improving customer satisfaction, by making customers happy, it will leave a greater standing with the customers. Happy customers will spread the word and allow you to expand your services. It also has led to corporate…show more content…
If changes need to made, all parties would be able to see the changes immediately. In conclusion, Project management has emerged as a crucial factor that determines the success of an organization. One of the distinguishing characteristics of project management is that it has both a beginning and an end and typically consists of four phases: defining, planning, executing, and closing (Larson, 2010,pg.24). References Pandey, K. (2012, March 2). Why is Project Management Important. Retrieved November 27, 2012, from PROJECT OPERATIONS. (2004). In Manufacturing Engineering Handbook. Retrieved from Larson, Erik (Apr-10). Project Management: The Managerial Process, 5th Edition [5] (VitalSource Bookshelf), Retrieved from A Detailed Look at the Work Breakdown Structure WBS and Work Packages. (2004) Retrieved 27 November 2012, from

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