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1. What competitive advantage(s) do you think the Haier Group has? What competitive strategy does the company appear to be following? Explain your choices. The Haier Group enjoys the benefits of having several competitive advantages, including continuous innovation. As CEO Zhang Ruimin says, “Continuous innovation is the soul of Haier’s corporate culture.” Additional competitive advantages include strong brand name recognition in China (the country’s third most popular brand); manufacturing facilities in 13 countries and 18 R&D centers around the globe; worldwide recognition of its quality products; and visionary leadership. The company is implementing a differentiation strategy as it competes in the global marketplace, offering quality products that are widely valued by its customers around the world. 2. What strategic goals does Zhang have for Haier? Do the company’s strategies appear to be helping it reach these goals? Zhang is striving to build on the competitive advantages of Haier in order to meet his strategic goals of worldwide leadership in his industry. His actions as CEO support his strategic goal of leading the Haier Group to become a truly global brand. Given the rapid growth and success of Haier since its inception, the company’s strategies appear to be helping Zhang and his employees to reach their strategic goals. 3. How might SWOT analysis be useful to Zhang Ruimin? In order to compete effectively in a global market, Zhang Ruimin must be alert to changes in opportunities and threats in the external environment; be equipped to take advantage of internal strengths; and be cognizant and realistic about Haier’s internal weaknesses. Conducting a SWOT analysis is a valuable tool in achieving these objectives. 4. What other strategic management concepts might Zhang use to help him continue managing the Haier Group for successful

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