Indian Camp - Nick's Diary Essay

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Nick’s diary Dear diary, It sure was a long way to the Indian camp, but we arrived today and I couldn’t be more relieved. I’m so tired and all I want to do is sleep. There were two Indians and another boat at the lake shore when we arrived, they were apparently waiting for us, and I couldn’t understand what was happening, so I asked my father where we were going. ‘’Over to the Indian camp, there is an Indian lady who is very sick’’, he answered. It was dark, but my father had his arm around me which made me feel protected. Across a bay we found another boat on the beach. The youngest Indian pulled up the boat we were sitting in way up the beach. And believe it or not, but Uncle George was smoking a cigar. Well helpful he was. Not. He then gave each Indian a cigar. Generous? Maybe. The youngest Indian was carrying a lantern and we followed him through a meadow that was soaking wet with dew. We continued through the woods and followed a trail that led to the logging road that ran back to the hills. The timber was cut away so it was much lighter on the logging road. When we were around a bend I could hear and see a dog barking. We saw were the barkpeelers lived. Suddenly more dogs came out to greet us, but the two Indians sent them back to the shanties. I could see some light in the window from the nearest shanty and an old lady was standing in the doorway with a lamp in her hand. She was waiting for us. We got in and it smelled very bad, but there she was. The Indian woman. She was screaming… and suffering. Her husband had apparently cut his foot very badly three days ago. With an axe… and he was smoking a pipe? Wow. My father told me that the Indian woman was going to have a baby, but I already knew that. But what I didn’t know was WHY she was suffering. My father say it’s called ‘’being in labor’’. She was still screaming. I wished my father

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