Lake With Dead Trees Analysis

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In one of Thomas Cole’s more famous paintings, Lake with Dead Trees, it is a portrait of the Catskills Mountains. The painting shows a very peaceful lake, bordered by bleak, dying trees, and the Catskill Mountains in the background. The sun seems to be setting, with brings a bright glow to the whole left side of the painting. The lake and trees seem to be sparkling on the left side, whereas the right side it bumps into the dark side of the forest. The two deer seem to be frozen or caught off guard, while running through the forest. The dead and crumbling trees exposed in the painting figure glaringly in the concept of the brittleness of life and the inescapable onset of death. Their bizarre, winding branches also look to be the same as the deer’s antlers. In fact, most of the imagery in the painting, the movement of the clouds and sky, the trees, the setting sun, signifies the passage of time, and the change from life to death. Lastly, in his painting Falls of the Kaaterskill, the main feature of this painting is the waterfall. Below the waterfall, there are many dead trees, and they look to be cut down, like a beaver possibly is…show more content…
They both have an array of dead trees, which show the bleakness in nature, but they also bring a meaning for a new beginning. Next, the lake, and the waterfalls show tranquility nature has to offer, but the waterfalls bring out taxing power in nature that is nothing like it in the world. The deer and the Native American in both paintings show the willingness to search for new things, and for a new creation. In both the paintings, the sky’s look to be just floating around, trying to find a new place to go, just like the deer and Native American. Yet, they show the dark side of nature, and how daunting it may be. In both the paintings, the colors to the left are a lot livelier and approachable, while the right shows the dark and depth of the

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