Increasing Technology Is Decreasing Social Bonds

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Jasmine B. Eng. III Critical Analysis 10/8/13 Increasing Technology is Decreasing Social Skills Remember the time when cell phones and social media were not as popular? Coming from a generation that heavily relies on technology certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. Trying to keep social bonds with technology now is not simple, but in reality it should be. Social bonds are far more important than any technology. There is a good possibility that later down the road, there are going to be generations that will fully rely on technology for everything. The big question then will be; “How to socially bond more and use technology less”? Those generations must find a way to make that work in order to have successful social bonds. Technology has many advantages that attract many people. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow people to connect with each other from all over the world. Social media can help inform others what is going on in different peoples’ lives. In the article “Understanding Mobile Technology from Sociological Perspective” Geser discusses Koreans have “been found to use the cell phone much more for strengthening existing social ties than for initiating new ones” (Gaser 10). Facebook as well as other social media are used to keep up with events that happen in other people’s lives without being there. The cell phone is a medium that frequently accesses social media; they are no longer used for talking only. Sometimes things come up that enable someone from attending the dance recitals or “the big game”. This is where Facebook has a positive effect. The biggest appeals of social media are the convenience. While this can be viewed as a gift and a curse, it is certainly appealing to be able to catch up with friends, post some new pictures to Facebook, clean the house, and cook dinner all in the same night. In this
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