Cellular Phones In Pop Culture

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Cheyenne Elizondo Professor Kershman English 101 January 30 2012 Cellular Phones in Popular Culture Cell phones have been around since the early eighties. Back in the day not very many people had one. However, now everyone has them whether it is a ten year old or an eighty year old. Everywhere we look, someone is holding a cell phone in their hand. With all the exciting features and appearances, the cell phone has become a big part of our daily lives in the average life of a person. People use cell phones not only for necessities but also for their own entertainment. For example, smart phones have a lot of apps that are able to be downloaded such as GPS, games, free music, picture editors, and a lot more. They also have touch screen which makes navigating your phone a lot easier rather than having to click a bunch of buttons to get where you want to go; it is just one touch away. Instead of simply calling somebody, everyone just texts them now which takes only a few seconds. It is easier to just send a text than to take the time to actually call someone and have a full-on conversation with them. There is the advantage of sending picture messages as well as group messages. Most people get addicted to doing this with their cell phone. They are constantly checking it, not just to check if they have something new, but because it is a habit to pick it up and look at it even when they are not expecting anything. A lot of us like to have cell phones just to show off because they are “cool” to have. It can be that they just look nice, they are in style, or it just shows that we can afford it. It is noticeable when people have plain phones (not a smart phone) that they are embarrassed to not have a nicer phone. At a very young age, kids are starting to get expensive phones. These kids do not need them considering they are with their parents most of the time. They

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