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“In-Basket” Discussion Axia College of University of Phoenix Managers and supervisors are very busy people in the business world. They have to take care of daily business activities and ensure that the business is safe and profitable. Out of the ten items listed in our discussion this week the different people in the group I was in had a difference of opinion as to what was acted-on and what was delegated. Two of the four people had differing act on and delegate tasks than I did. While the third completely agreed with my choices word for word. One of the differences was on the notice that the mall will be changing hours. The second one is five advertisements and two catalogs from various vendors. In this paper I will…show more content…
Bids from three companies responding to requests for bids on a cash register system (each store chooses its own). 4 / 0 7. A notice from the fire department of an impending inspection. 4 / 0 8. A note that the rest room is out of order. 0 / 4 9. Notice from the company headquarters that a holiday sale will begin soon. 4 / 0 10. Five advertisements and two catalogs from various vendors. 2 /…show more content…
But upon viewing my classmate’s responses to the assignment I found that some had tasks acted-on and delegated differently. Of the list there were two that were split between act-on and delegate evenly, numbers three and ten. I am going to use these two for this assignment. Looking at the first one task (a notice that the mall is going to be changing its hours for the upcoming holiday and requesting notice of store plans) I stated that this task could be delegated to an assistant or supervisor. Any assistant or supervisor could give the mall a plan for the store to be in effect during the holiday season. Any reliable assistant or supervisor would be knowledgeable in the store’s holiday hours and plans. My attitude on this task was not based on unwillingness to delegate authority. I chose to delegate it to an assistant or supervisor. It was easy for me to delegate this task. I put int in the delegate category as soon as I finished reading what the task was. I believe that all members of management, no matter the level they are at, should be involved in every aspect of management and business

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