Improving Local Healthcare

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Assignment #4: Improving Local Health Care Write a 5-7 page paper in which you: Assignment #4: Improving Local Health care Think back on the last time you accessed health care services in your community and make recommendations for incorporating unapplied telecommunications concepts that would have improved your visit. Provide specific examples to support your response. Communication and Coordination of Care is a healthcare service that I would like to see improved in my community. Having my healthcare providers coordinate their efforts and discussing the tests and results given would have enhanced my outcome in quality of care received. In the big picture of the care and hospitalization that were required; length of stay could have been decreased if physicians coordinating my care would have talked and set priorities. Outcomes from the surgical stand point were delayed due to lack of understanding from consulting physicians. Health care facilities need to encourage coordination and help the providers whom they service to care for patients in a seamless effort. When there are gaps and duplication in the deliver of patient care undesired expenses are incurred. I feel most of this could be eliminated through technologies such as electronic health records, e-prescribing and telemedicine. If my facility had the electronic medical record (EMR) continuity of care would have been better. Consulting physicians would have access to pull up all of my medical history from their office and this would enable them to work together to devise a health care plan that would be beneficial to me and my health. This leaving no room for error or duplication of services rendered. E-prescribing would also hold a benefit for my care so that medications would be recognized across the board reducing the risk of medication error or bad results in care
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