Importance of Water Essay

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As you know I went to an African safari on the holidays and it was so eye opening for me, not only to see the animals but to see the difficult life that the Africans. They have to do hard vigorous work just to bring food and water to their children. They are not lucky enough to get water by simply buying it from the supermarkets, but they have to search for signs of water and then carry them all the way to their homes. Many children in Africa suffer form parasitic infections due to lack of clean water. Water is not easy to find in the drought areas so the only options are some ponds and rivers which would most probably be filled with bacteria and germs such as cholera vibrio which causes many health problems like diarrhea. These children depends on these polluted waters. I really hope that we could lend them a helping hand by providing them with the necessary resources. My trip to Africa taught me many things. It taught me to value the lives that we are living in. Most importantly, it taught me the importance of water and how it would affect us if we are not provided with it. Water crisis occur in the poor parts of the world such as Africa and other drought areas. 30,000 deaths occur every week due to the lack of clean water. 90% of these deaths are in children under 5 years of age. Moreover, in Africa alone, both men and women spend more than 40 billion hours on the search of clean water. Such pity,we should feel really grateful that we do not suffer from this horrible fate. Water is abundant in the earth but however clean water can be very hard to come across. Highly developed countries selfishly takes all the clean waters for themselves instead of giving them to the poor countries.this is the main reason why these people have to suffer that much. Without clean water, it would be crisis for many countries.

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