Importance Of Past In The Bluest Eyes Essay

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When trying to understand someone's opinion or actions, it is necessary to be informed on his past. Indeed, the background of a person builds up his character and futur. Although some people are able to forget their history and move on, others live in the past. Indeed, for certain people, as Emily Dickinson truely stated, "the past is not a package one can lay away." In Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire, the main character, Blanche Dubois, is unable to disconnect from her past while Stanley, her brother in law, is firstly depicted thanks to his anterior accomplishments. Also, in The Bluest Eye, written by Toni Morrison, the Breedloves, an African American family living in Lorain, Ohio in 1940 are all strongly linked to their history and difficult past. Both of these pieces of litterature depict characters that are unable to be comprehended and described without their background, characters that are unable to "lay away" their past. The Bluest Eye is a retrospective novel written by Morrison in the laste 1960s. It is an adult story narrated through a child's eye, Claudia. The novel is actually the memories of this little girl, looking back at her past several years after. From the beginning, it is visible that past events are important in this work. Indeed, the Breedlove family, Pauline, Cholly and Pecola, each have numerous problems in the novel and these are justified by numerous flashbacks recounting their past. The strucure of the book is important since it shows the importance of their history. Morrison's prodigy is quite complexe when looking at the structure. Firstly, the book is divided following the seasons. Here, time seems important since it governs the reading. The seasons are placed in a peculiar order: there is a disturbing of the natural cycle. Indeed, the book starts with "Autumn" whereas it should start with the year's first season, spring. This

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