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Yo! Author Note This assignment is being submitted on June 19, 2014 for Jodell Sadler Literature of American Minorities Yo! In the novel Yo! By Julia Alvarez, the character Yolanda Garcia and her three sisters, FiFi, Sandi, and Carla had the same cultures roots but were different due to their personalities, dreams, and interest. Even though they have their difference, they all come together because they are family. Yo! (Alvarez 1997) is a book about a girl named Yolanda Garcia from Dominican Republic. The book takes you through all of the different chapters in Yolanda’s life, and talks about her struggling with finding herself and being part of the minority. The interesting thing about this book, is it is told through everyone around her. Yolanda does not tell her story. The story is told by others who meet her, and how she makes an impacted in all of their lives. Yo! (Alvarez 1997) is a very good book, in fact I read it in one day. Which was great, but then at the end it made you want more. In the beginning of the book, it seems all of Yolanda’s sisters feel betrayed and hurt that Yolanda would write a book about their lives. Even though it is labeled a fictional book, the book seems to be based off their lives. The first chapter was told by FiFi, the youngest sister. In the beginning she was mad about the book Yolanda had wrote. She even was on the way to the Grocery store, when she seen pictures of Yolanda posted all over the place, so she did a U-turn and drove home to give Yolanda a call. When she called Yolanda she did not answer. Which was most likely a good thing. Because it gave her time to calm down, and think things through. You can also tell that cares a great deal what her husband says. In the book he says when FiFi is talking about her mother hitting the roof, he says “Your mother is going to hit the roof anyways” (Yo! page 10) He

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