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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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The Guiding Force To Self Acceptance
The way we look is a major part of our lives whether we relies it or not. Decisions we make often reflect back to how we feel and carry ourselves. Maya Angelou’s first autobiography, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, takes us through her childhood from a toddler to graduating from high school. It is clear that Maya had a troubled up bringing. As she develops as a young woman, the controversies she faces changes her. One theme that is evident throughout the autobiography is her appearance. As it is with most women appearance is a major factor in their everyday lives. This being extremely difficult for Maya because of the color of her skin and the time in which she was raised. Appearance affects Maya throughout her life as a guiding force in which she makes decisions.
Growing up Maya was constantly told how ugly she was. Unlike her, Bailey Jr, Mayas brother, was a stud. He was said to be hansom, graceful, and funny. Bailey Jr often stole pickles from the store and seemed to get away with everything because everyone liked him so much. A quote from chapter 4 explains what was going on. “When I was described by our playmates as being shit color, he was lauded for his velvet-black skin. His hair fell down in black curls, and my head was covered with black steel wool. And yet he loved me” (4.9). Despite Maya’s ugliness Bailey Jr. did not look differently at her. He treated her just the same. This was a tough concept for Maya to understand. Her appearance bothered her and affected many decisions she made. Like many young girls her lack of beauty and her appearance made her uncomfortable. These insecurities could have been to the result of lack of parental love and guidance. To be sent off away from her parents at such a young age may be the result of many of her issues. Then to go on and not have a stable home would psychologically change her mindset whether she knew it or not. Living with her grandmother and uncle was not the same....

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