Anne Frank's The Diary Of A Young Girl

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For a majority of people, what makes The Diary of a Young Girl so poignant is that even though Anne Frank lived over 60 years ago, she was very much like a typical teenager in today's world. Anne's emotions, feelings, and needs are almost identical to those of a teenager today. Although Anne lived in a horrific condition and died in an unpleasant way, she behaved just like an average teenage girl. Like most teenagers today, Anne Frank was rebellious, hopeful about the future, and had a love interest. Similar to almost every teenager in our world today, Anne Frank was a rebellious adolescent. For instance, when Anne was recommended by her father to not get involved in a relationship with Peter. In spite of the wise words of her father, she chose to proceed being romantically involved with him. At one point, Anne speaks to her mother in a disdainful way, accusing her of being cold and tactless. Anne was also described by one of her neighbors as harsh, rebellious, and sharp-tongued, all characteristics shared by numerous teens today.…show more content…
She had hopes and dreams, a timeless characteristic of teenagers all over the world. In parts of The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne discusses her dreams that she hopes to achieve, assuming she will leave the Secret Annexe and resume a normal lifestyle one day. At one point, Anne asks the other members of the annexe what their hopes and dreams are once they leave the annexe, which unfortunately are never fulfilled. As well, it is mentioned in the diary that Anne wishes to travel around the world and be a writer of some sort when she grows

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