Importance Of Nursing Informatics

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To identify possible issues much earlier, application of technology to knowledge can be an important factor. By using computer based documentation, nurses are able to identify changes in the patient’s status as quick as possible because all the information is readily available. The advantage of computer based documentation is that, all the data are interpreted and arranged in systematically order and the vital signs trends are always accessible. I strongly believe this would allow nurses to use their knowledge to formulate an appropriate care plan for each individual patient’s care.
Researchers had argued that, application of nursing informatics can be used together with standards of nursing practice such as documentations, implementation of
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Many public hospitals in Malaysia had made a significant change to EHR’s and my hospital is one of them in adopting it. There are proven evidence that EHR’s had improved the quality and safe care towards the patient. EHR’s had advantage of keep bigger data based and information can be view at any point of time. The management had highlighted the importance of using the system intelligently which support the care and clinical decision making for the patient. However, it is crucial to go beyond the information that are develop in the HER’s system this is where the nursing comes in to the picture. By having the knowledge the nurse would be able to analysis the data and respond appropriately. This would be a high level of integrity for legal and business purpose (Lundberg et. al.…show more content…
The risk of medication error can be fatal and leads to medico legal. Research had proven that, even in a developed country such as United Stated, having a high number of patients harmed by medication error. No one can deny that the cost involved in medication error is too costly to healthcare industry, even to the patients and family and to all the healthcare providers as well. The strategies to prevent medication errors are by using the IT system (Karen, 2014). Here I would like to share an incident took place in my own hospital were a fatal medication error took place and the hospital got to bare the high cost to compensate the patient and their family. Now, the management had taken serious application of IT by using computerized physician order. It is not doubtful the amount of cash send for upgrading the system is high but it is truly worth doing

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