Importance of Learning History

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IMPORTANCE OF LAERNING HISTORY: History is being regarded as his-story, his represents the mankind. And story has something to do with what had happened. In the Greek term for history is “historia”, which stands for the knowledge acquired through investigation. We are living in a present world and we plan and we worry about the future. * It provides us information, to avoid the mistakes that have happened in the past. If we do not learn from the mistakes of the past, they will inevitably be repeated. * Help to understand present and one’s own self. * Act as a storage house of information that helps to make effected decision. * We start to inquire and be interested in things that may greatly affect our lives in the present and even in the future. * It provides us ready and instant solutions to our problems without the danger of making more mistakes. * It gives us a guide that would lead us to progress and development. * History helps us to understand other cultures. * It helps us to understand change. Change comes every day, and without history one doesn’t have anything to prepare them self for it. * An understanding history is essential for good citizenship. provide identity * By studying parts of your country’s history, such as government, you would become familiar with national, state, and local laws. For further studies visit: * These are my top five picks for why Napoleon rocks! 1. The Original Spin Doctor and brilliant PR man – through creation of his own Bulletins, articles for the official press, campaign newspapers, medallions, and selected patronage of the arts, Napoleon was the first modern man to create and publicize the image he wanted portrayed. The effects of this calculated positive
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