Importance of Early Childhood Education Essay

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Importance of Early Childhood Education It’s important for a child to receive early education because it is the time for growing, forming and brain developing. Children who are small require specific skills like language, social interaction. When they are small they have the ability to take everything in and remember to well. We as parents have the opportunity to nurture and educate our children on all levels, making sure that our children are being taught properly. Early childhood education is a field of study that concerns itself with all aspect of early life experiences. It’s a formal teaching for young children by people outside of the family home. The Head Start Program is a program funded by the government that promotes the school readiness for children age birth to 5 for the low income families. I can remember when my son started the program; it was set-up just like a regular classroom. They taught him how to count, say his alphabet, distinguish the different between a circle and a square. They also taught him his colors and showed him independence. The Head Start Program also prepared him for regular school. The benefits of early childhood education is that a child who is educated early have less of a need for special education classes and they are more likely to finish high school and move on to college. They will become more successful and role models for others. Whether early childhood education is in the home or in Head Start Program it helps the child increase their vocabulary and their meaning. When children are exposed to early childhood education they are able to interact with other children and adults. Parental involvement plays an important role in a child’s life because a child learns from their parents. A child does better when parents are actively participating in various activities. I know for me my kids I always and I always sat

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