Imaginative Song Belonging Essay

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Prompt: Relationships are an important factor in our sense of belonging. A Boy meets a girl and he overcomes his fear, the last girl that he was this broke his heart, and trying to find some hope is really hard. He's at a new school, and has new threads And he says to the girl let me try to impress you Tells her everything like he's in love with her It was the sweetest thing she had ever heard But she doesn't understand what he sees in her She always thought that he'd be like them other guys But now he poured out his heart she thinks otherwise So he grabs her hand and sees the sunset He says "Baby just wait I'm not done yet" I want ask you something, please don't judge me Do you think maybe one day you could ever love me? He goes home and he's feeling higher than cloud nine He's saying to himself, it's about time I finally found someone I can share the rest of my life with And if I'm lucky then maybe I can marry her He calls her up to see if she's home It rings to he hears the message tone An hour later, somehow she calls him back He can hear someone else saying "who is that? " "Please tell me you're not with another guy" "Don't be stupid that's only my brother, why? " He said sorry but I have some insecurities That's why I need to be with you, you can fix me My heart still skips a beat on the odd occasion And if you can't see by now I'm a gentlemen I'm the type that will open the door to invite you in To take you home just to hope I can get in with you He picks her up in his car for the first date He says usually these are the worst dates But there's something in the air and he feels that Looks in her eyes and says "Can you feel it? " I don't know if it's me or it's just the vibe Just forget about it, you know I'm never right She says “I know you're a nice guy But I can't keep holding back this lie I don't think that you

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