Explore How the Relationship Between Eddie and Catherine Alters Through Act 1 of the Play.

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Eddie Carbone and his wife Beatrice have brought up Eddie’ s niece Catherine like their own daughter. Eddie is a kind but strict guardian. He loves his niece but wants to be in control. In the first scene, he tells her that her new clothes are too sexy, then that she can’t take the job she wants. He tells her that she is acting in a way he doesn't approve of, he says that she is ‘walkin’ wavy’ and that this is making men notice her and ‘their heads are turning like windmills’. The thing is, it is Eddie who we see is the one who notices her growing up into an attractive woman, and his desire for her is the cause of the tragedy that ends the play. The way their relationship changes through Act 1 sets up the situation that will end in the death of Eddie at the end of the play. Eddie Carbone and his wife Beatrice have brought up Eddie’s niece Catherine like their own daughter. They do not have children of their own. This may account for what we come to see has been Eddie’s overprotective parenting. As the play progresses, Eddie increasingly uses this sense of duty he has towards his niece to Identifies and introduces a key thread to the story. all desires for her as an attractive young woman. We do not know much about Catherine’s life up to the point that the play starts. This is when she is seventeen and increasingly aware of her own attractiveness. Miller shows this side of Catherine by having her ‘running her hands’ over her new skirt and showing Eddie her new hair style when he comes home from work. Miller immediately shows Eddie’s protectiveness to her with his comment about the new skirt: ‘I think it’s too short, ain't it? This use of a question is typical of Eddie’s way of speaking: he is not really asking her opinion but trying to tell her that he thinks it is too short. However, everything Eddie then goes on to say to her about being worried about the
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