Illusions Are Forever

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“Illusions Are Forever” In a modern market, advertisement is one of the essential aspects for a promotion of the products that come into the market. According to Jay Chiat, it is a way of telling everyone about the products by representing a picture through advertisement. Do advertisements affect real life? Do advertisers use tricks to appeal consumers? Is the internet a good influence on advertisements? Thinking ahead, advertisements have a massive impact on reality. Chiat states that at times, a person believes that advertisements are imaginary and not real, but it is the media that introduces the new inventions and creations that arise across the world. Moreover, there is nothing worthless in the world. The information that is shown in advertisements is truthful as it corresponds to the features of a product, and sometimes demonstrates the specialty of particular products than others. This is a great example of Jay Chiat’s saying which quotes, “Everyone thinks that advertising is full of lies, but it’s not what you think.” (chiat 12).This simply implies that advertising may contain both negative and positive features. Before an advertisement is broadcasted, it must go through and be ratified by the Federal Trade Commission. Any time there is a forged claim in an advertisement, they have the right to stop the advertisement from being published on television or any other media sources. “Someone always blows the whistle,” by chiat signifying that if something illegal has gone wrong in the making of the advertisement process, there is always the committee of the federal trade commission who can ban it to come into the market. As mentioned before, reality is greatly influenced by advertising. It affects how people in this world think about certain topics. At times, a person’s thoughts are even forced to change due to the influence of the
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