If I Were a Bird Essay

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I love birds. God uniquely and creatively creates birds. There are ten thousands different species of bird exist in this world. This makes them so unique and interesting. I like to imagine what will it be if I were a bird. If I were a bird I would fly freely, and travel the world. The first thing I would do if I became a bird is fly whenever and wherever I want. I would spread my wings and fly as high as I could. I would feel the wind on the sky. I would pass through the beautiful and fluffy could, and feel the warmth of the sun. To be able to fly have always been my dream since I was a kid. I remember when I was a kid I used to feel jealous of those birds that were flying happily on the sky. To be able to actually do it would be the most beautiful gift I would ever have in my life. The second thing I would to is travel and adventure the world. Traveling the world as a bird would be an awesome experience. Birds are able to see the sea and land thousands feet above them. The buildings and people would be very small from that height, and that is really beautiful. I would go through a cool adventure to fly from east to west and from south to north and vice versa. I would go through the storms, heavy rain and snows. It would be really amazing. Birds are so amazing because they are able to fly and travel the world. I really wish I were one of them because I would be able to do what they can do. And that is the most amazing thing is life. Seeing the world differently and live the life differently are good things to be

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