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Generations Identifying Beauty Different generations possess different actions. A Violinist in the Metro demonstrates a point in generation gaps. The adults either rushed past or stayed to listen to Joshua Bell for a quick second. On the contrary, the children wanted to stay, listen and enjoy the beautiful sound of his violin. Older generations become consumed by jobs, and other issues in life, which may make them become busy people. Adults tend to forget how to “stop and smell the roses.” It is very understandable that people have places to be on time and responsibilities to take care of, but at some point, don’t they need a break? For example, in the article, a man stopped to listen and bask in Joshua’s musical glory, then he glanced at his watch realizing he was going to be late for work. Which proves the fact of people being too much involved in their jobs, also for some, materialistic entities. This deprives them from witnessing all the beauty in the world around them. Adults know and appreciate the value of a dollar more than younger generations. So, they only focus their attention to the pressure of paying bills and worry about getting their next paycheck. By doing that, they shut out and tune out everyday beauty that happens right before their eyes. People don’t open their eyes and ears wide enough to see and hear what this world and others have to offer, without them having to be famous or in an obviously beautiful location. For instance, Joshua Bell is a great musician with wonderful talent. Just because he was playing in a metro station instead of a huge arena, not many adults listened. All because of his surroundings. Which coincides with, and answers the statement from the article, “do we recognize talent in an unexpected context?” Younger generations understand the importance of slowing down and appreciating priceless beauty around them.

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