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Need Answer Sheet of this Question paper, contact aravind.banakar@gmail.com www.mbacasestudyanswers.com ARAVIND – 09901366442 – 09902787224 Retail Management 1. Develop a positioning chart for jewelry. Include Wal-Mart, Tiffany, and department stores with jewelry departments, on the chart. Explain your choice of axes, as well as each store’s positioning. 2. Do you agree that the events described in this case are contributing to the blurred positioning of jewelry retailing? Explain your answer and its ramifications. 3. What are the pros and cons of Tiffany selling items priced as low as $200? 4. As a jewelry shopper, how would you expect the total retail experience to differ in Wal-Mart, department stores, and high-end retailers? 1. As an independent supermarket operator, would you want to become a Piggly Wiggly franchisee? Why or why not? 2. What are the advantages to Piggly Wiggly of having franchised outlets instead of its own stores? The Disadvantages? 3. What criteria should Piggly Wiggly use in evaluating potential franchisees? 4. Should Fleming require Fresh Brands to use the Piggly Wiggly name and all of its promotions? Explain your answer. 1. Is the new high-tech research environment going to eliminate the use of human researchers? Explain your answer. 2. What are the pros and cons of using 3-D CAD systems for marketing research purposes versus traditional focus groups? 3. Describe the ideal marketing research uses for 3-D animation software in the creation of a virtual grocery shopping environment for supermarkets. 4. Devise a short consumer questionnaire for Burger King to use in assessing its 3-D CAD simulations. 1. Describe how accounting irregularities can play havoc with a firm’s reputation, supplier

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