I Am Legend

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I Am Legend 1)A typical day in Robert's life consists of preparing for his and Sam's survival. Robert wakes up, exercises and heads to his basement were he works on a cure for the disease. He then goes to a video store to get a movie and looks for houses where there might be food. Robert gets gas and heads to the seaport at mid day where he broad casts and waits for any other survivors. He goes hunting but leaves before sunset; heads home,has dinner, bathes Sam and locks up his house with metal doors. This schedule is important to Robert because he does not want the “vampires” to know where he lives. 2)Robert keeps the “vampires” out of his home by not letting them know where he lives, spreading holy water on his steps and closing his house with metal doors and windows. 3)Robert's personality in the film is that of an alienated person but is strong willed, he deals with the dissatisfaction and frustration of his current life by keeping him self busy. Other people might commit suicide to deal with there frustrations, to survive this you need a strong mind. 4)Robert's knew finding the cure would not bring back his old life or his family but he hoped that by finding the cure no one else would have to live what he was living. Del Angel -2- 5)A butterfly symbolizes transformation and God's true relationship with man as he forms within Christ and Christ forms within him, gradually transforming into a new creature. In the film the butterfly appeared nine times and represented God, he was still there even after Robert doubted his presence. 6) The film uses Robert hallucinating and making him believe the manikins at the video store can talk to show alienation and loneliness. It is also shown by the way Robert treats Sam, he treats her as a person. 7)Robert's ultimate sacrifice was giving up his life to save the cure he had found. I believe he could have
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