Human Rights and Social Justice in the Age of Globalization Essay

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Human Rights and Social Justice in the Age of Globalization Our world is rapidly changing during this age of globalization and the information and communication revolution. While we have advanced in those areas, society must also recognize these same dramatic changes are affecting our lifestyles, our ways of thinking, feeling and acting. With the potential benefits and opportunities of globalization and the new information technologies on one hand, and the dangers, threats, and pitfalls on the other, globally we must strive to spread freedom and responsibility in making the right choices that bring us together and strengthen the bonds of human solidarity. We must be ever vigilant to spread the benefits equally rather and use the age of globalization to create or deepen gaps between people groups, their economies and cultures. What are some of the key issues regarding human rights and social justice in the age of globalization? While we are experiencing breakthroughs and advancements in the fields of science, technology, medicine, we are also experiencing human suffering on a large scale that would not have been thought possible since World War II. Our global society is experiencing injustice, inequity, poverty, as well as sophisticated form of violence and war, torture and abuse, weapons of mass destruction, intolerance and discriminiation, degradation of the environment, and a breakdown of human ethical and spiritual values, loss of hope and confidence. Just two years after the UN proclaimed the year 2000 as the International Year of the Culture of Peace, ushering a global effort of transforming our culture of violence and death into a culture of peace, we live in an Age of Terror; fear and insecurity, and we have embraced a culture of greed. The environment itself is sending us alarm signals: landslides, devastating floods, global warming,

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