The Leading Cause of Death Health and Social Care Essay

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The Leading Cause Of Death Health And Social Care Essay INTRODUCTION Hypertension has become a significant problem in many developing countries experiencing epidemiological transition from communicable to non-communicable diseases. Every individual in an effort to make his living comfortable, but does not realize how much of stress and anxiety have an adverse effect on the body system, one of which being the circulatory system (i.e.) the blood and the blood vessels. Hypertension, the silent killer which remains asymptomatic, until the damage effect of it can be seen. Hypertension, an important and common risk factor for considerable morbidity and mortality not only in the industrialiased world but also in the developing countries. Thus, the problem of hypertension can be truly considered as pandemic. But the individual continues to remain asymptomatic owing to the gradual onset and progressive damage occurring to the blood vessels leading to hypertension. It is influenced by many factors such as age, sex, diet, personal habits, family history, emotional factors, socio economic status etc. Constant elevation of blood pressure can lead to irreversible changes in vital organs such as heart, brain and kidney. Thus an individual more often presents with illness such as Ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction and cerebro vascular accident, if hypertension is not treated and controlled at the initial stage. Hypertension is called the silent killer because the person has its symptom often free. Once it develops, the client should be checked frequently for hypertension. It is important to remember that hypertension is only a sign, not a disease. Since it is a single most important predictor of cardio vascular diseases.The ability to treat hypertension effectively is one of the major cardio vascular advances to this century (kinger, L.H.2002).

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