Human Relations Essay

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Ch 32 Africian Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. How do Mende masks symbolize the ancestral female spirits?  ____ 2. What are waka sran?  ____ 3. The Royal ancestral shrine of the Benin represents both the kings and the enduring nature of kingship. Which of the following characteristics represents this notion?  ____ 4. Which of the following supports the necessity of animal sacrifice made by the Benin king?  ____ 5. The Akan commemorative head, which is sculpted by a female artist and has a long history in Akan tradition, served which of the following original purposes?  ____ 6. Which of the following describes the Akan style trait that is found in both clay and wood sculpture?  ____ 7. The Akan akua'ba sculptures are consecrated at shrines for young women to carry in order to _______.  ____ 8. The Akan linguist staff becomes a metaphor for the king or chief and can be carried into a meeting where an individual would be contesting the king's title to the stool. Who would carry this staff?  ____ 9. The veranda post carved by Olowe of Ise is a very fine example of his work. It also subtly records the presence of the Europeans as colonists among the Yoruba. Which of the following supports this statement.  ____ 10. Which of the following accounts for the partial secularization of the masking tradition in 20th century African societies?  ____ 11. The following two important masks represent the Kuba king's legendary ancestors. They are the founding ancestor, Woot and his daughter, the beautiful Ngady Amwaash. During childbirth she sheds tears. What accounts for these tears?  ____ 12. Kongo peoples have power figures that a trained priest must consecrate. These figures embody powerful spirits. Which

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