How Did The Atlantic Slave Trade Affect Africa's Triangular Trade?

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Chapter 20 Study Guide Vocabulary: 1. Factories - Portuguese trading fortresses and compounds with resident merchants; utilized throughout Portuguese trading empire to assure secure landing places and commerce 2. El Mina - most important of early Portuguese trading factories in the forest zone of Africa. 3. Royal African Company - chartered in 1660s to establish a monopoly over the slave trade among British merchants; supplied African slaves to colonies Barbados, Jamaica, and Virginia 4. triangular trade - commerce linking Africa, the new world colonies, and Europe; slaves carried to America for sugar, and tobacco transported to Europe 5. Asante - established in Gold Coast among Akan people settled around Kumasi;…show more content…
It is estimated that 12 million slaves were forced to migrate. 2. The mortality rate was 10 to 20 percent. 3. In the Caribbean and South America the slaves died often and did not reproduce, but in North America the slaves survived longer and were growing in numbers. Demographic Patterns: 1. The trans-Saharan slave trade concentrated on women being used as concubines, but the Atlantic slave trade concentrated on men. 2. The slave trade impacted Africa’s population, turning it into half of what it was expected to be in 1850. Organization of the Trade: 1. Triangle trade is a trade network in which slaves from Africa were carried to the Americas, sugar, tobacco, and other goods were carried from the Americas to Europe, and European products were sent to the coast of Africa to trade for the slaves and start the whole network. African Societies, Slavery, and the Slave Trade 1. Europeans made slave trade acceptable by saying that is was already practiced in the continent and they were not the first. 2. Chattel slavery is where people are considered things or property and have all rights stripped. 3. African society’s adapted slave trade as it was one of the only ways people other than the ruler could gain power and

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