Huffman Trucking Operating System

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Huffman Trucking Operating System Huffman Trucking is using multiple operating systems in different locations. Reviewing the operating systems of Huffman Trucking I will explain why the systems are in place and what implications of using that system may cause. Background of Huffman Trucking Huffman Trucking, founded in 1936 by K. Huffman, is a privately owned national trucking company located in Cleveland, Ohio. The company has facilities in Bayonne New Jersey, St. Louis Missouri, and Los Angeles California. Huffman Trucking has 425 employees, 925 drivers, 800 semi-trucks, and 2,360 trailers and roll-off beds (University of Phoenix., 2012). Duties of the Operating System Huffman Trucking requires an adequate operating system that will handle the record keeping needs for the drivers, vendors, catalogue of parts, inventory, maintenance, and vehicle information, (University of Phoenix, 2012). The Operating System The operating systems Huffman Trucking is using are Windows 95 and 98, Windows XP and Windows 2000 Professional. The facilities in California and New Jersey use Windows NT servers and the facilities in Missouri and Ohio use Novell 4.11. California, Missouri, and Ohio facilities are using Macintosh workstations for the Marketing Department (University of Phoenix, 2012). Windows 95 and 98 Reviewing the operating systems of Huffman Trucking I found that the systems were chosen to meet the daily needs of that facility at that time. Huffman Trucking did stay within the Window-based operating systems. According to Cotter (2011), “ Windows 95 and 98 is retired by Microsoft, but offered a step above the old MS-DOS by providing a graphical user interface, internet support, easy software and hardware installation, USB ports and DVD slots along with mobile computing and integrated networking.” This was a good fit for the Huffman Trucking facilities in

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