Macintosh Computer Personality

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MAC COMPUTERS’ BRAND PERSONALITY Mac computers have been around since 1982 as “simple” machines. In 1996 Apple started a campaign called “I’m a Mac…And I’m a PC” that used brand personality to sway people to buy Mac Computers over PC’s. Over 60 TV ads were aired in 2006 resulting in 42% market share growth (McNamara, 2011). If Mac were a person, Mac would be a trendy, creative, handsome, man in his early 30’s, not to old but old enough to be knowledgeable in his job, and fun. He would be laid back, the jeans and t-shirt sort, completely down to earth. Mac wouldn’t be super athletic but he would be fit and active. He would have a city loft and walk or use public transportation to work because he is environmentally conscious. As technology has improved, Mac Computers have always seemed to be on the cutting edge of the look. In the late 90’s when futuristic was more the popular look, Mac computers gave the buyer a choice of color and the computer/monitor was very bubbly, laptops more rounded. In the mid 00’s when sleek and contemporary was in style they went simple and slim with their design and back to rectangular design. Now that industrial is the in look, Mac computers take up little space on a desk and laptops are made from aluminum and easily recyclable materials and are ultra light weight (, 2011). FOURNIER’S RESEARCH Referring to the Dr. Fournier’s research on relationships with branding, after examining not only consumers brand choice but also their lives, she came up with 15 types of relationships people have with their brands (Aisner, 1999). When characterizing how customers relate to Mac, customers relate as if Mac were a best friend. They keep it around for long periods and often add to their collection without getting rid of the old computer. Just as relationships change with people so do the consumer-brand relationships.

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