Huckleberry Finn: Enlightenment And Moral Development

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English Essay “The expectation is that the journey will provide something new” (Enlightenment and moral development) Paragraph 1 (Introduction)- The expectation of a journey is that the traveller will encouter obstacles,challenges and opportunities, as the traveller experience these they could extend themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. However, it is these obstacles and challenges that lights up the traveller’s mind and interpret the meaning of providing something new. As the new represents one’s spiritual enlightenment and moral development. Therefore it is for this reason I believe more than anything that “the expectation of a journey is to provide something new”. This is encapsulated by the texts: The Town Where Time Stands Still (by Shirley Geok-Lin Lim) and Adventure of Huckleberry Finn (by Mark Twain). Paragraph 2…show more content…
Along the journey with Huck, his naive point of view exposed to us the hypocrisy of the “civilised 19th century of southern culture”, such as the grangerfords family and the mighty fine family which they engage in a mindless feud with the sheperdsons for “reasons no one can remember”.Twain deliberately use humor and irony to further highlights this conflicts, especially when the two families attend immorality as seen through Huck’s perspective, is seen as comical and humorist, however, it shows Huck’s interpretation of their behaviour enables his enlightenment on the corrupt world around him. So “moved” is huck by this new experience that comments: ‘Humans can be awful cruel to one another’ in this ‘civilised
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