Hsc Level 5

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CU2941- Use and develop systems that promote communication. 1, Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role. Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role. Defining communication: ‘Communication involves the reciprocal process in which messages are sent and received between two or more people’ (Bazler Riley, 2008) My job role requires me to be able to communicate in many ways, the client group I care for have individual communication needs. The elderly clients I care for generally have ill health, the illnesses they suffer from can be physical and mental. Physical illness ranges from minor life limiting illness like obesity, to illness that prevents clients from leaving their bed, and are cared for in bed. Mental health illness ranges from minor confusion to extreme paranoia and various levels of dementia. The diverse needs of my client group mean that I have to be aware of individual needs every time I am work and have to develop my own ways of communicating with clients , these ways have to be assessed on every shift as the nature of the client group means the client will have good days and bad days. So although I may have individual ways of communicating they have to be reassessed every shift to ensure they are still relevant. As a link senior carer I have to purvey these methods of communication with junior staff members to ensure the client’s needs are met. The main barrier to effective communication in my workplace is dementia and the unpredictable nature of the illness, dementia is a well researched illness but as yet is generally untreatable medically, but is managed to ensure the client is able to have the richest and fulfilled life possible. Although my main communication during a
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