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Diana Riveiro UNIT 1 USE AND DEVELOPMENT SYSTEMS THAT PROMOTE COMMUNICATION 1. From the answers given on worksheet 1.1 please outline how you support effective communication within your work role. In my current work role I communicate with a variety of people, from the clients, staff ,doctors, psychiatrist, advocates, just to name a few. The variety of methods varies also according to the person. If I speak to a professional such as a psychiatrist I tend to back up every conversation with an e-mail, but will also contact them by phone. I always attempt to make my point across clearly and then document anything that has been said to keep accurate records. It is vital in my job as a shift leader I will have to change my communication skills and methods through the day. To the staff I work with, I have to be clear in what I want them to do as if not it might consequently have a negative impact on my shift. To ensure my oral communication is always backed up by a written one, I have a hand over sheet which also clearly indicates what tasks each staff member should be doing at what times. If all tasks are completed, client’s timetables are fulfilled than I believe that my communication with them has been successful. When it comes to the service user my communication with them and aids them to communicate effectively with me. I work with a variety of service users with a variety of a degree on communication skills. With some I can communicate verbally, however might have to keep words to a minimum and be concise in what I say to help with the processing levels the service user might have. Other clients have can’t communicate very well verbally, in these cases I often use pictures, timetables, social stories or even Makaton. This will ensure the service user understands what I am trying to say but also empower them to communicate and put there points

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