Long-Term Care System: A Case Study

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Assessment #1 June 18, 2015 When I think of long-term care facilities, more negatives than positives come to mind. I feel as though too many people are being entered into these facilities without receiving the proper care they deserve. When doing research and communicating with long-term care facility workers, I have concluded that the main problem is staffing. If I was managing my own facility the first problem I would resolve is the patient to health care worker ratio. Then I would focus on making sure consumers and their families feel comfortable in the environment they live in. Lastly, I would take into consideration of what the future holds for long-term care facilities. With changes in technology and the frequency of individuals…show more content…
An ideal long term car system should be a welcoming place that both the acute and long term care consumers will want to come back to or call home. There should be nursing assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs) ready to assist the consumers in any clinical aspect. The team should be willing to work together to decrease the workload and frustration of their coworkers and not leave of the staff alone to do all of the work themselves. The facility should be diverse, respectable, and be highly assessable for any individual receiving care. Consumer’s opinions should also be taken into consideration, not only during intake and when exiting the facility, but throughout their stay as well. In today’s system you often see the nursing assistant overworked and frustrated which results in an unhappy work environment. This can cause consumers to feel un-welcomed and as a burden. This can also affect patient care because not every patient is receiving the highest level of care from someone who is overworked and exhausted. There has been a number of quality initiatives aimed at facilities such as these and much research has been done regarding a patient’s survival verses the number of staff to patients. The University of Greenwich published an article stating that the survival of most severely ill patients is most affected when there are too few nurses…show more content…
As discussed in class, approximately 25% of adults 65 or older will be affected by 2030. As this percentage rises this will call for more health care providers such as Medical Assistants, CNA’s and Personal Care Aides, which in turn will provide more jobs. I feel as though this will provide a little more job security as long as workers do their job correctly. As more people become sick and frail, the long-term care facilities will continue to grow. Patients are often seen now in the long-term care facility for minor stays such as rehabilitation for surgery and/or car accidents. It seems to be easier to be transferred to these types of facilities due to new laws and regulations about funding and

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