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1. What HRM activities are mentioned in the case? HR Planning and Recruitment Selection and Placement, Training and Development, Change management, performance measurements 2. Who are the key players in carrying out these HRM activities? The managers of the local businesses and HR employees from HR Shared Services, CC 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing the way HRM activities are carried out in Mercado? This new method saves the manager time that he or she would otherwise spend on people that are not going to be hired anyway. Also it provides deeper management insights by digital analytics. It is also suppose to raise the quality of the new employees and improve the vacancy experience online. A disadvantage is the impact it has on the organization in the beginning. People need to adapt and this takes time. Secondly, there are authorization issues. Thirdly, the system is not always working properly and can cause irritations and delay. Fourthly people can not apply if they don’t use internet. 4. In what way does this case reflect the broad developments in the way the HR function is evolving in organizations more generally according to chapters 2 and 16 from your textbook and Ulrich (1998; see lecture slides)? We see that HR practice is moving from the transactional and traditional role to the transformational role. Not only is HR involved in the traditional recruiting activities but it also plays a role as business partner by improving quality and saving valuable time for the business. This indicates that the HR-department is evolving to a strategic partner that drives organizational performance. The change agent role is that they have taken over the whole process. HR changed the process completely. HR is not re-active anymore. The are now pro-active. Taking

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