Strategic Initiative At Lowes

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Strategic Initiative Paper FIN 370 May 14, 2013 Strategic Initiative Paper Lowes is a home improvement retailer that is looking to implement new technology that will give its customers more convenience and better customer service. The way that Lowes will be able to expand and implement this idea is through planning. The two planning methods that we are discussing are strategic planning and financial planning. Strategic and financial planning are two forms of planning that have different objectives, but are similar in some ways in regards to a long-term plan that will take the appropriate actions in order to achieve the company’s goal. Strategic planning in a business is use in a business plan to make projections and defining the…show more content…
These overall improvements have been a step in the right direction for Lowes’ future. These improvements however do cost money but like every good business man or woman knows to make money you sometimes have to spend it. So this can affect Lowes financial planning in the present and future, currently sales and profits have grown because of the new mobile devices therefore the risk factors are minimized due to the knowledge that these improvements are working but Lowes must continue to analyze the cost for these new improvements every year make sure these things do not become a financial burden. Therefore cost analysis is one factor that can affect the financial planning of the company also minimizing the use of these devices to only the stores is another factor that needs to be considered in the financial planning process. Spending money on training of these devices are also factors that must be considered this takes employees time and cost the company man hours and thus money that could be spent on other things. Lowes must continue to analyze the cost to decide whether these improvements are needed and continue to produce more of a profit with or without them. In the highly competitive market that Lowe’s is in strategic planning has helped them not only stay in business, but also maintain a competitive edge over the competition. Their initiative on energy conservation and concentrating on energy efficient products and materials has made good fiscal policy for the organization. This combination of cost savings and green policy provides Lowe’s with a low risk and positive image in today’s global

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