Hrm 593 Week 6 Assignment

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1) Determine whether or not the employee has a potential FLSA claim: After listening to the lectures tutorial, Mr. Murphy does not have a valid FLSA claim in one of the circumstances. On the other hand I do believe he does have a valid FLSA claim in one of the other circumstances. 2) Explain the legal basis for your conclusion: For example Mr. Mike Murphy is complaining to his manager that he should get paid for the time that he expends on his own time doing physical training to be in shape because he is in the SWAT team and is a very physically demanding job. The reason that he does not qualify is because the employee in not on waiting time when he is doing his exercise. Based on the lecture the only time to can claim working time is when you are in a waiting status, and the employee cannot do anything personal for this reason. On the other hand according to the lecture, when he has been on call and can’t not use his time effectively because he is on call, that time should be paid to the employee. Under the FLSA waiting time when on call is considered working time and should be paid to Mr. Murphy. 3) From an HR perspective, list, explain, and analyze five things that an employer can do to ensure compliance with FLSA and avoid claims. The first thing that should be done to insure that employers and the HR department generate a handbook that outlines in clear and concise language the policies regarding the FLSA wage and overtime to include the steps to file a complaint. 2) One mistake made by employers that gets them in problems with FLSA regulations is when employers misclassify their employees. In order to prevent this from happening employers should revise their employee’s job descriptions, by insuring that classifications are clearly defined. This should include what are end employees primary responsibilities and any additional responsibilities assigned to

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