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HRM Human Resource Management in TESCO Organization 1- Identifying the organization's business strategy, mission and goals: Tesco, the largest retailer in UK as well as the third biggest in the world in terms of revenue, was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen. In 1924 the brand Tesco was first started its journey and in 1932 it became a private limited company. Now Tesco is operating in 14 countries all over the world. There are 4,331 Tesco stores and almost 470,000 people working in the company across the world. According to the recent annual report published by the company, its group sales in 2009 are found to be 59.4 billion euro (Tesco, n.d.). Business Strategy Tesco’s well established and consistent business strategy has enabled it to strengthen the core UK business and expand into new markets successfully. Tesco’s business strategies are mainly focusing on huge domestic market of financial services, telecoms and non-food. One of the main objectives of Tesco’s business strategy is to create sustainable long term growth and according to the company this could be achieved by expanding into global market. The company initially focused on Asia and central Europe. Most recently it has made its entry into the US market. In 1997 Tesco first decided to diversify and according to the company itself this was the basis of its recent success. As a result of this strategy several new businesses have been created by Tesco for the last 12 years and most of these businesses are profitable and competitive (Tesco plc, n.d.). Tesco has developed its strategies which are primarily focusing on five important factors, 1) its core UK business, 2) community, 3) non-food, 4) retailing services and 5) international market. The company has separate strategies on each of these aspects. Major objectives of Tesco’s business strategy include being a successful retailer internationally,

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