How To Write An Essay About The Great Depression

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The Great Depression The Great Depression was a horrible time of turmoil, hardships, and trials for Americans. It was a time when jobs were scarce, people were out of work. So many US citizens lost their homes, went hungry, and were left cold. Those who were fortunate enough to have jobs, made very little money. Necessities of life became a daily struggle. What is a depression? It’s a period during which businesses, employment and stock-market values severely decline. Americans have grown to know the depression we faced as the Great Depression. It is named due to its long duration, as it began in 1929 and didn’t end until mid-1941—the start of WWII. It is also named due to the severity of decline it caused. Employment was already low, and unfortunately, only started to drop. The Great Depression had many causes for its start. Unequal distribution of wealth in 1920, high tariffs and war debts, overproduction in industry and agriculture, and the stock market crash are just a few of the reasons that will be discussed in the following paragraphs. International trade with Europe and Germany is also said to have caused the depression many of our parents and/or grandparents faced as children. The Great Depression is held responsible for a dramatic change in the structure of American politics, as well. The stock market crash is…show more content…
Attitudes toward work, school, life, family, and communities. So many Americans turned their backs on their families. Families fell apart and children left home. Fathers were shamed for being jobless. The eldest daughters dropped out of school to help care for their younger siblings. Sons dropped out of school to find work to help support their families. Birthrates dropped, yet suicide rates increased. Women weren’t as affected. Children often had their childhood cut short as they had to move into adulthood early. Teenagers found jobs when their parents could
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