The Impact of Great Recession on Workplace Stress

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Case Analysis 3 The impact of the Great Recession on Workplace Stress Saint Leo University Dr. Webster Baker MBA 530 – Organizational Behavior Overview The greatest downturns of the economy collapsed many industries in the period of the great recession. People found themselves with lack of job security, expensive educational system, and undervalued house price (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p.270). This negative behavior of the economy leads businesses to be tough in such cases. Furthermore, companies reducing costs strategy affected on the employees mind negatively (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p.270). The emerging effect of the high recession caused people’s stress level much higher. The negative responses of organizations like declining number of employees, lack of management support, decreasing compensation plan, holding same salary structure have created work related stress among the employees in the period of recession (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p.270). The great recession to be enhanced demands on the employees which in turns declined employee’s recreational time that created bitterness in the working place. The employers of the companies were running out of solutions at that tenure of recession. Many laws like Yerkes-Dodson law can be helpful to understand the impact of the great recession on people’s stress levels at work. Although, economic recession is a regular phenomenon in the economy that does not mean employees have to take the stress against the recession all the time. The employee of an organization can avoid stress in the working place by himself through several ways. The most significant way is to think positive whatever barriers come in front of him. Additionally, employers can help their employees in terms of reducing organizational stress through implementing some techniques on the working area. 1. How has the Great Recession
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