How To Say Nothing In 500 Words By Paul Roberts

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How to say nothing in 500 words by Paul Roberts is an article discussing the various points of Freshman College writing that makes for poor and drab papers. His main points focus around writing from the less usual side to add interest, using colorful and colorless language appropriately for more meaning and getting rid of the added padding that make otherwise good papers excessively poor. He used a lot of good points such as choosing interesting topic, gives advices to the college students, easy to understand but in one point it is not acceptable. First, Paul Roberts did a good job by using interesting topic such as his topic. It is very important and interesting to every English speaker, this keeps every one’s attention. He wanted to tell us the topic is the first important part of writing an essay that we want to focus on.…show more content…
Paul Roberts stated that students should try to avoid adding extra fluff to their compositions. That means that students should try to avoid giving useless information and add more useful and important details. There are times when students should get straight to the point instead of using a euphemism. Paul Roberts also encourages students to avoid expressions such as “over my dead body” unless they are writing a novel. Fancy words are encouraged to make writings more brilliant. However, fancy words aren’t necessarily better so it is good to know when to use them and when not to use them. Word choice in an essay is essential. Words should be chosen carefully in order to prevent discouraging readers or to make sure they didn’t get what they didn’t
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