Ways To Get Rid Of A Roommate Essay

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How to Get Rid of Your Roommate, Without Committing a Crime. Have you ever had a roommate that you just absolutely could not stand? One that no matter what is said or done you just cannot get along with? Do you ever find yourself asking yourself how do I get rid of my roommate? If so then I may have a solution for you. Well first things first, murder and poisoning is off the list. That is illegal and will land you a new roommate alright, just behind bars. So unless you want to be in that situation then you might want to go a different route. So now that it is understood that you should not take an illegal actions to get rid of your roommate, we can get started on how to actually get rid of your roommate. You can start by becoming very annoying. Try out different things that you already do that your roommate finds annoying but escalate the intensity by 10. You have to escalate it because obviously what you are doing now is not that bad or you…show more content…
Then start sniffing the room, when you get to your roommates side of the room then make a really bad face, then start spraying their side of the room with air freshener. Make sure that the air freshener smells terrible, and that it is very strong. Once done spraying their side of the room, look at your roommate and say I know it’s not your fault and that you cannot help it. Now this will annoy your roommate but not enough to get them to leave. Now remember that you do not stop doing any of these, you keep doing the first one, and just add all the others, this will drive your roommate absolutely insane. You will start to notice that your roommate is starting to get paranoid about certain things, and start to use that to your advantage, the whole time that you are doing these things act like nothing is wrong, and that you are acting completely normal. Act like your roommate is the one that is losing their mind, and that you are the sane
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