How to Get Assessment Criteria for Unit 1 Hsc

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How to get the assessment criteria for Unit 1….

Task 1
Complete a journal or diary (communication log writing frame available) with entries detailing different communications you have had.
A scene setting contents page at the beginning
Type of communication – at least five different forms
Context of the communication – e.g. formal/ informal
Different types of interpersonal interaction – i.e. different settings
Communication and language needs and preferences (at least five different forms)- the individual’s preferred method of communication, eg language, British Sign Language, Makaton, Braille, the use of signs, symbols, pictures and writing; at the end include a glossary of the key terms and a references section.

Task 2
The video.
-Introduction to the video – either to camera or as titles – could even film some writing/ text on a piece of paper/ white board/ stop motion animation
– two theories of communication – Tuckman’s and Argyle’s
-at least five factors that influence communication – see lists on the brief e.g. environment, barriers etc – so could be five different scenes or work them into one sketch.
- a section on the aids and strategies that nursing students could use – how to rectify situations (perhaps show a bad example then good example?)

Written report
- assessment, review and evaluation of your video
- assess different communication needs – at least five examples in a health and social care context referring to the theories of communication (these could be the ones in your video or other additional ones)
- Reviewing strategies to overcome barriers – at least five strategies
- Evaluation of those strategies to overcome barriers
Appendix – script for video

Task 3

One to one communication evidence
Personally participate in a one to one communication in a health and social care context.
A short video,

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