How To Deal With Stress As a College Student

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Specific goal: Inform my audience on how to deal with stressors in order to have a more enjoyable college experience. Introduction: We have all felt this feeling before. Your stomach is twisted, your muscles are tightened, you feel down and out, unhappy and, you can’t think straight to the point of frustration because your mind feels empty. You’re stressed. According to The American Institute of Stress, stress is defined as physical, mental and emotional strain or tension. My name is Daniel Humphrey and, as a college student I have been forced to manage many stressful situations. After much research on the topic of college students and stress, allow me to inform you of various reasons why stress may occur as well as provide you some tips on how to manage stress, in order to have a more enjoyable college experience. Transition: Now let me explain to you why some college students experience stress. According to an article entitled Handling Stress at College, there are many reasons why college students experience stress, but I have chosen three that you could possibly relate to- time management, pressure to succeed academically, and change of environment. Body: So why does time management cause stress? I. First, college students must realize that college can be so demanding because of the amount of schoolwork that must be completed in a short amount of time, and therefore it is easy to become overwhelmed. A. We have projects, quizzes, tests, papers, exams, finals, and Co-ops to deal with. If time is not managed correctly, to insure that all of these tasks are completes, many students will experience stress. B. For many students managing their time is a new experience, for in high school their parents did it for them through waking them up for school on time, to setting standards such as curfews. The transition to do these things for themselves on top

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