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How To Be a Nerdfighter: A Vlogbrothers FAQ JOHN: Hi, there. This is John Green. HANK: And I'm Hank Green, and we are the Vlogbrothers on YouTube. JOHN: And we are making this video a Frequently Asked Questions video for the purposes of answering some questions that are frequently asked. HANK: People are often confused. Like, for example, what is a Nerdfighter? JOHN: A Nerdfighter is a person who, instead of being made out of, like, bones and skin and tissue is made entirely of awesome. HANK: So what you're saying is that Nerdfighters don't fight nerds? JOHN: No, we're clearly pro-nerd. HANK: Nerdfighter is basically just the community that sprung up around our videos, and, basically, we just get together and try to do awesome things and have a good time and fight against World Suck. JOHN: What's World Suck? HANK: World Suck is kind of exactly what World Suck sounds like. It's hard to quantify exactly, but, you know, it's, like, the amount of suck in the world. JOHN: One of the questions we get asked the most is 'Do you guys have real jobs?' HANK: Yes! JOHN: Well, I mean, it depends on how you define "real". Hank runs the environmental technology website EcoGeek. HANK: John Green is an award winning author. He has written books such as Looking For Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns, and he's won many awards including the Edgar Award (2) and the, the Printz Award. HANK: Why don't you blink? JOHN: I don't blink because I'm focusing when I'm in front of the camera. I do blink in real life. That's why I still have eyes. And, also, it's sort of a tribute to the original video blogger, our hero, zefrank. (John and Hank bow) JOHN: So, Hank, what's DFTBA? HANK: DFTBA is an //acronym. JOHN: No, it isn't! It is not an acronym. Acronyms are pronounceable. It is an initial-ism.

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