How to a Tame a Wild Tongue

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How To A Tame A wild Tongue Language is more than just a meaning of communication. It is part of one’s culture, and identity. In the essay “How To Tame A Wild Tongue” written by Gloria Anzaldua expresses the dilemma she had been through about her own language. This argument is supported by her claim that as a young child she was not able to use her native tongue "spanish" during school and if she did and got caught she would be punished. Also she represents herself through her language. I agree with her argument that order for an individual to have pride in themselves, one must be comfortable in any such way that they identify themselves. For Gloria Anzaldua, that would be language. She also used italic, and spanish words in her essay. Personally, if it makes Gloria Anzaldua feels pride in herself for not have to translate text, if not translating text give her an “legitimate tongue”. She has that right as a person and she did use spanish words in her essay so she can tell the readers the tough times she had been through when she was forced to speak in only in English. The American society wants from Anzaldua to speak proper English, while the Mexican society also wants her to speak Spanish. The language that the author used is important. Anzaldúa remembers being punished because of speaking Spanish in her school. Her mother wasn't satisfied to the fact that she spoke English like a Mexican. Therefore, She had to take two speech classes when she was in her university in order to get rid of her accent. It was not only an attempt to cut out her wild tongue, but it was an attempt to get her into American culture. The author also discuss about being an immigrant, and other people in this area did not identify with any of the languages spoken by the majorities of people around her. They had to create their own language by combining several languages and dialects.
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