How the Protestant Reformation Resulted in Many Changes

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Many changes have occurred during the 16th century and one significant change was power of the Catholic Church. During this time the Catholic Church was divided due to the Protestant Reformation. This all started because of Martin Luther, who intended to reform the Catholic Church, but ended up in splitting Protestant and Catholic. Throughout the middle ages, the Catholic Church has been criticised and many people have lost faith towards the church’s leadership. A group of people believed that the Catholic Church has lost their way of their teachings of Jesus and say that the church is overly obsessed with money. All these complaints set Martin Luther to action. In 1517, Martin Luther posted a long list of problems with the church. This long list is known as the Ninety-five Theses. Martin Luther’s action set many people into protest against the Catholic Church. This started off what is now called the Protestant Reformation. Before Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, most of the government were controlled by theocratic monarchies, for example the Catholic Church. This would make the divine as the one who would be on the throne. However, the people would still look up to the king but the king would owe his allegiance to the pope and the Pope would owe his to God. With this system, rules and laws are limited and everything were to be asked first to the Pope. The government couldn’t function in independent ways which brought protests and unhappiness. The Catholic Church became increasingly involved in political matters. Many church leaders began to live more like kings instead of priests. The Church started raising fees of baptism and marriages. Later on, the Church started the sale of Indulgences which are letters of forgiveness of someone’s sin. However, this action started anger and disagreement all around Europe. This plunged Martin Luther into action and wrote 95 arguments
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