How Scrooges Life Changes Through Out the Novella

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The main protagonist in Charles Dickens famous novella ‘A Christmas carol’ is Ebenezer Scrooge. A selfish and self-centred man, who loves nothing more than money. His way of life changes when three ghosts of Christmas the past, present and future visit him and persuade him to become a better person and honour Christmas day. At first Scrooge was selfish and alone but during the visits of the three ghosts Scrooge slowly changes to a better man and, by the end of the visit of the ghosts, he was a completely different man. He became as good a as “the good old city knew” and even became a “second father to a little, poor boy named Tiny Tim.” Ebenezer Scrooge was a wealthy man in the 19th century. A wealthy man in a country full of poverty, poverty that is not that far away from his door step. Bob Cratchit, Scrooge’s over worked employee, is hard working but unable to escape from his poverty because of Scrooge’s despicable pay. Scrooge represents the values that are the opposite of what Christmas is; greed, selfishness, lack of good will. Scrooge hated Christmas with all his heart “every idiot who goes about with merry Christmas… should be boiled with his own pudding…” he did not have the heart to smile, much less to donate money to charity. Scrooge was the opposite to what civilised men are. Many people disliked Scrooge because of the way he acted towards others. They described Scrooge as a “tight fisted hand at a grindstone… a sequencing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, cavernous old sinner…” Scrooge had no one to love, no one to care for him except for Jacob Marley the first ghost that visited Scrooge. Marley is the one who told him to change his ways because he did not wish on Scrooge to be like him. Marley was chained up to big piles of money boxes and told scrooge that he would be like him and worse if he didn’t change his ways. Even then Jacob Marley was a ghost and
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