Into The Wild Ch. 1-7 Response

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Chapters 1-7 Chris McCandless is a very odd person, and a very awkward character that makes the reader think he is crazy for leaving his perfectly fine family and sister behind to go die in the woods somewhere. You can tell he wasn’t the brightest color in the crayon box by the people he associated himself with as well. Crazy Ernie, for example, is a prime character to look to for a reflection of McCandless in. Chris worked for him to make some money but when he realized Ernie had no intention of paying him, he left. This doesn’t say that he was a materialistic person, just a reasonable man that chose to do what any other normal person would do, and stole a bike for his work and left. Another person that showed something about Chris was Wayne Westerberg. Westerberg tells us about Chris and how he would do all the jobs that no one else wanted to do, but lacked no common sense. For some reason there was something inside of Chris that told him to go off the beaten path and live life in a care-free and easy going way. Just not care about anything or anyone and just go wherever life takes him. This reading also shows how Chris is different from any other books main character. He isn’t trying to be a hero, and he definitely isn’t trying to effect anyone else by his journey’s, only himself. For example, when he was with Crazy Ernie he worked for him for no pay, and when he found out he wasn’t getting paid he stole a crazy guys bike. In no way would any real hero do anything like that, because hero’s are supposed to help people, not take away from them. In this sense, he definitely engages me in his story and I am intrigued at how someone as normal as he was could do something as drastic and seemingly suicidal as he did. Not everyone can do what he does in this book, and a lot of people probably wouldn’t even think to do something like this in an attempt to find
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